Reflective Report

For this group assignment, I learned a lot from Adobe Photoshop, flash and graphic design. At first, I felt that the task for me was impossible because it is really hard to do when I heard create an animation. But finally, I did it with a correct way and I am ready to show my work to all of you guys.

While I was doing the animation part, I faced many of the challenges on it, such as lack of techniques from the start, no internet connection and others. But at the end I solved the issues accordingly.

As I am the one of the group members, I had the responsibility to help other members to make correction from the mistakes they did. We were helping each other so that we can produce a good quality of work from our group proposal to current output, which is visual aids, story line in animations and representative object.

In the discussion, we have our own opinions and lead to argument between members sometimes. With some new ideas I implement, the problems had been analyzed and solved to continue our task in this group assignment.

I’m glad to have this opportunity to learn all of these technique and features on doing the design and the animation. Even though I spent most of the time to do the animation part, but worth it, a felt of accomplishment is inside my mind now.

In addition, I hope that I can learn more technique from the animation in Adobe Flash Professional CS6.

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