C. Ways and ideas in advertisement bundle


Advertising is a form to transmit information to public for certain need through public with widely and public. In Chinese there have a sentence means: “successful is because advertising, lose is also because advertising.” It means that advertising can determine the success or failure of a product in this new era.

Advertisement has the power to convince customer to buy something that is not in their shopping list. “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they do not have for something they do not need” said by Will Rogers. The proposal of advertisement is encourage people to purchase their product, increasing brand awareness and differentiate another product between the own product.

There are many type of advertisement, it contains advertisement bundle. Simply say, advertisement bundle means using a product to advertising and awareness public to a thing or event. Normally, a company will use its own product and doing some seasoning advertisement. Example, some canned drink will change their design to something related to the coming soon festival like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 100 plus. Not only festival but event also can bring out by advertising on some product, likes McDonald advertising McDonald charity run event on their burger package, promotion details on the product and etc.

Advertisement bundle not only can using own company product but also can use the partner company’s product. For example, Coca-Cola is one of the partner of Olympic game, it always change their design to advertising the Olympic game,100 plus change their design to advertising about the NBA match. This of big company always uses their product to let the public aware to an event.

A new design combines with the original design, to make it as a new product to attract customer and bring the message to the customer, it is what advertisement bundle used to.


Characteristic of advertisement bundle

  • Product must be relation to the design

The design of advertisement bundle has its own characteristic, first it needs to find its own category. They have to find a product that is relation to the message or event or case before advertising. Something there are not related is cannot been used because it is hard to bring out the message to the customer.

  • The product’s brands must be popular

Besides that, the product must be popular. Its means that the product must be famous brands and many people would like to purchase it The popular brand like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Kit-Kat, 100 plus was always been used to do the seasoning advertisement or their company always change the design to leave some event message to the customer like Olympic games, charity event.

  • The new design of the product cannot replace all the old design

The product’s design or layout can be change but the old design or characteristic of the product will be keeping and used. Just like however the design of Coca-Cola change, the tin always is the red color and the design of the word “Coca-Cola” never been change.

  • The event or season that used in advertisement bundle must be related to the location

Normally the event or seasoning that used in advertisement bundle is related to the location. For example, Chinese New Year or Hari Raya festival will be used to do the advertisement bundles in Malaysia because it is one of the huge festival in Malaysia, that’s mean it will not use in other country. The winter design will also not use in Malaysia because there are not winter season in here.


Sample and my understanding


It is Play Station Pioneer (PSP) packages which produce by the SONY company. Sony was a famous electronic game producer company. PSP is one of its product that allow player carry it and play anywhere. This package is bundle a PSP game which is Final Fantasy vii. It is a famous game that produces by Square Enix, the seventh series of Final Fantasy. This package consist the PSP and the game. This package can attract more Final fantasy player to come and purchase it because this is the only series that only can play through PSP. Two thing bundle together will become more attraction to the customer.


This is also one of the package of PSP but this using a famous comic in Japan call one piece. This advertisement bundle is about PSP and One Piece. This package including the one piece game set and the small cover bag for the PSP. This type of advertisement bundle is to attract two type of customer which is PSP Player and One Piece Fans to purchase.


This is a new design of Coca-Cola while the Fifa World Cup be held. This advertisement bundle is Coca-Cola with the FIFA World Cup. You can see the name “NEW MINI FOOTBALL BOTTLES” and see a trophic beside the Coca-Cola signature. The layout of the Coca-Cola also changes to a circle shape to act like a football. This series of this design is to attract the customer and also aware public about the FIFA World Cup.


This is the advertisement bundle that Coca-Cola with Japan seasoning. It is a seasoning advertisement bundle. As you can see the package is red color which is represented the Coca-Cola and many flower on the tin. The flower means this is a spring festival limitation design. The Japanese word which on the top of the package show this is only can buy in Japan and \ sold only in Okinawa.



New Ideas to be contributed to the group assignment

After I doing all the research about advertisement bundle, I have some idea that can use in the group assignment. In the group assignment, I can help to design a product bundle with the event of eye campaign by using the tag line or layout which is design by my group mates. I found that in the advertisement bundle the design must sharp and can attract people but cannot destroy the old design of the product.

Beside that I have an idea about the eye campaign of advertisement bundle. We can bundle the eyes drops with the message of eye care campaign. I wish to use an eye picture which has a blue color eye meaning the eye is clean and good in vision. Blue color also state for like the color of sky which mean beautiful and clean. Using eyes drop is because it is related to the eye care campaign and more easy to bring out the message to public. Of course I have to discuss with my group member first before I start to design it.



In my opinion, I feel that the advertisement bundle is a good way to advertising something through a product. It can awareness public about the product and advertising the season or the event at the same time. It is suitable to use in many event and many case. Through the assignment 1, I am now having many ideas to done my group assignment. I have confidence that I can do a great job with my group member by using the knowledge that I learn in this assignment about the advertisement bundle.


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