Progress Report 1 – Logo Design

I designed our logo design by using Adobe Photoshop.

First, I filled the background with Radial Gradient. Then, I inserted text onto
the background.


After that, I selected the character ‘F’ layer and created New 3D Extrusion.
Then I applied the same 3D Extrusion technique to the other characters which
are ‘u’, ‘t’, ‘u’, ‘r’, and ‘e’.


After that, I added three new layers and selected character ‘F’, ‘u’, and ‘N’
for each layer respectively by using Marquee Tool. Then I filled the selections
with two different colours and changed the layer blend mode to Multiply.


I drawn three arrows by using Custom Shape Tool at the end of the logo name.
After that, I rotated the arrows so that the arrows are pointing each others.
Finally, I added text into the arrows and purposely removed the character
‘r’ and ‘e’ from all the three words, as the ‘r’ and ‘e’ can be “borrowed”
from the logo name.





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