Reflection report

In this group assignment, I had learn a lot of things. For example, I had research a lot of information of 3R from internet. I saw a lot of creative ways to present the 3R. 3R are not just a simple combination of reduce, reuse and recycle, it is a cure for the Earth. Our Earth are sick now, we facing a lot pollution problem causes the weather are not stable.

When doing this assignment proposal, I draw some draft for my visual output and animation. But is not all the design were follow the draft, there are some design I changed the idea when I draft design. When I starting doing the design, I found that, there are a lot of difficulty to draw some shape or motion. Have the ideas, but the ideas cannot be exist because of my skills. Have the ideas is good, but the problem is how to apply the idea to works. For example, drawing a spinning fan are difficulty for me, I am not able to draw it.

I am a Japanese cartoon fans. After this assignment, I was knew that, drawing an episode animation is not an easy jobs. It need cost a lot time. In this animation, I had use about 18 hours to draw a nearly 2min animation, I am not able to hit the target of 2min animation. Now, I will more respect those designer. They were using their hand to change the world, helping the Earth.

When working on this assignment, we will discuss to each other member. To get the feeling or opinion from them, and try to ask some ways to improve my design. I will also give them some suggestion for their design.

Teamwork is important, if only a person is working, it is impossible to get the good result. We have to separately their jobs fair. Each of the member should give 2 visual output for the assignment.

This kind of learning environment I can accepted. Online section is fun, we can search a lot of information of the design to get the knowledge. We can also view other student’s work and learn the ideas from them. This will bring us think out of the frame when we have no idea to to something.

In this assignment, if the rate if this assignment 10, I will give 8 marks to my group and 6 marks for me. I was feel that in this assignment I was not able to draw the object for animation, my color concept are not good.

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