Personal Reflection (Cheok Wei Wei)

While doing the project, sometimes feel happy and fun when done or success create the object and work; sometime feel stress and hard because using mouse and adobe flash draw the animation and design the item. It’s was big challenge for me while creating the animation, I need to more focus and concentrate on the drawing and design. Every step of the animation are important and I need to put more and more effort on creating animation. When my group members and I doing this project, we do communicate with each other clearly. The interaction among our group is good because we know which part and how we need to do, and sometimes will help each other to done all the works and task. With the communication between our group member, we cooperation with each other while design the artwork (formats) and the prototype. Some of the prototype are designed and insert in the artwork (formats) design, so we must cooperation with group members then only can complete the design. I do not feel the problem when working or communicate with other group members, the interaction between us are fine. On the proposal part, we face some problem when doing it, but after we meet together and communicate between each other, we solved our problem. I rate my performance in this project about ok and also in the group. Really need to put a lot of effort to do this assignment, I felt that I still got some insufficient on design, but I were ask my member when I facing problem in design or animation. I like this learning environment because it bring a lot of new things to let us understand, let us learn different thing with different ways, won’t get boring and its fun. Yes, I prefer this type of learning because we can learn more, understand more, can communicate more with others, and help each other to solve the problem together. If a project lack of collaborate between team member, the project would not success or easy to be done on time. Good collaboration and communication among member can help the project more fast and more easy to be done, and can solve the problem together when facing the problem.

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