Content and effects in advertisement clip (for exhibition and presentation)



Advertising clip is the last step, which you want to piecemeal, fragmented shots together, but also music, narration, sound editing and other elements in accordance with the concept of creative synthesis of the complete advertising works. Lens splicing is in accordance with certain principles and logical thinking to carry out, in the ad that is creative and logical principles. So advertising clips for creative production first requires very familiar, followed by footage shot to carefully compare, carefully selected portfolio. The last point is very important, advertising clips to accurately calculate time, strictly controlled. Commercials there are very strict time limits. Also, note that with the other requirements of commercials rhythms and sounds and pictures.

There are many creative content types such as the introduction of new products, selling products, introduce new dishes and so on. We want to ensure that the content of advertising to attract viewers. In different age stage, we need to attract them with different content. Such as child class stage can use some cute cartoon or loud sound to attract their attention. If an advertisement clip can not attract the attention of the audience, then this is a failure of advertising clips. Content should be simple and clear clip, so as to let the audience easily and quickly to convey the information received. Advertising clip’s time can not be too long or complicated, or just bring boring, even be ignored.

Then is the effect of the advertising clip. In the advertisement clip they often used the color and animation to make the effects. But animation and color can not be too complex and numerous, this will cause the message to be blurred. They brought real theme in the colors and fonts, such as exhibitions they transfer the topic into a font type or picture and then presented with color and animation clip in advertisement clips, it would be more attract the attention of the audience. Use bright colors or special fonts can get different effect. A variety of colors can bring different effects and meaning, like the green color means environmental protection. In addition, audio also can be used in an advertisement clips. Different audio effects got different effect. You can make some soft audio at the exhibition make the audience more pleasant. Last, the effect of advertising clip requires a combination of various aspects of the material in order to bring out best effect.




Sample studies/Supporting material


Sample 1

This advertisement clip is about the Pepsi. They use the fun fact in the clip.


clip make audience happy and easy to get the message. Although early information is blur, but it will make the audience curious about what it is.

Sample 2

This advertisement clip is about the Coke. They use the animation in the clip. A very cute polar bear, the audience especially child will attract at this clip and easily to give the message to them.


Reflection & idea


In so many advertising clips, I noticed an ad clip to do is very difficult, they need to consume a lot of time in all aspects. Most of them are with color, sound, animation to attract attention of the audience. Let them guess what the content of the advertisement clip, no matter what kind of advertising most people are curious then read the ad clip. In my opinion, I suggest that they use the animation and cartoon material in an advertisement clip. The cartoon can attract the children more easily and they will ask their parent to buy it for them.




In conclusion, we shall deep in all aspects such as color, fonts, audio, animation, and further references the contents and make it has the best effect and to attract viewers of all ages stage, so that they are more receptive to convey the message. For a special occasion must chose a suitable theme for the advertisement clip show, then this is the best advertisement clips.




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