Personal Reflection

Lesson learned & personal reflection

I have learned a lot of skills and new knowledge regarding create a poster design, banner, walkway design etc and animation. This is my first time to learn Photoshop, I don’t have any basic skills of it, but through the few lesson conducted in every week, I able to get the basic knowledge, as well as photo editing skills. Moreover, I get some experience from the individual assignment, so I can avoid the same mistake happened again. In this group assignment, I’m in charge of design the poster, banner and walkway design. When designing we have to consider many things, like how we applied the theory which we learn from the book into a physically design, such as viewing distance, alignment, design element and so forth. Besides, flash is much more difficult than Photoshop, because it not only required, but also required time and ideal. Before creating, you must have a concept and ideal, then come out with a storyboard, regarding how the story or animation will be move on.

I feel so glad and happy that as I have completed this assignment. It is really not easy and hard from the beginning of doing this assignment, we have no idea about what should do. But after interact with others group and lecturer, it is easier for us. The hardest part of this assignment, I think is created an animation with minimum 2 minutes length, and I found that doing with design things is fun. The interaction of the group is good, we have met periodically. We will raise up the issues and question when we have doubt, then make discussion after that come out with a conclusion. Before we will get the acknowledgment from all the group member while we making a decision. The problem we faced which is some technical problem we meet in Flash and some from Photoshop, we refer to the sources from internet and seek from other group help, if the problem still can be solved we will raise up the issue to lecturer. I will give 6 out of 10 marks to myself, because I think I’m not have brilliant idea and really good skills on both Photoshop and flash, but I have tried my best to contribute to the group. The main differences between this learning and another classroom learning environment are online learning. In this learning environment, we are able to follow exactly the step from the video, in anytime and no matter where you are, we have a clear guidelines in that particular lesson, and we have obtained a clear understanding of this learning environment. I think this kind of learning is depending on the subject because not every subject are suitable to use this method, some of them required face-to-face interaction between lecturer and student. Moreover, not every subject have a complete material on internet, it needs an experienced person to guide you personally. Anyway, I would still prefer this kind of learning environment. In group assignment I meet one problem is the lack of skills, you might need the help from others. But in group assignment I think collaborative is so important, because not everything can be done by one person, it need the helps and collaboration with your group member, every member be skilled in different field, it can deal with different challenges and complement one another.

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