Progress Report 3


In this report finalize my design for the banner for my group project as seen above is the complete design of the banner with the word Go Green and explanation of Green that link to what will happen to the earth if we don’t preserve earth, as example of how I create a wire link from the word “Electricity” to the earth light-bulb to shows that if we don’t save electricity it will eventually turn the earth to dark brown. At the same time actually the earth light-bulb also represent similar to our group logo so it is actually a hidden logo and at the bottom I added our group tagline which is “Go Green is not for us, is for our next generation!” to create a combination of our group work together in a banner.

Banner Output

The above shows that this is the best place to put our banner to give INTI student awareness of how important of 3R concept in our daily life that will save our earth not only for us but for our future generation too.

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