Personal Reflective Report

During this course, i have had a lot of ups and downs. its always a great adventure to learn new things especially something like the use of Adobe Photoshop and Flash software.  The journey from the lab tutorials to the group assignment has been great. Although it is a ridiculous amount of work, I was able to finish most of them on time.

I have enjoyed the class as it has tapped some hidden potential in my creative side. i have always thought that i am not creative enough and i think the work during this course  has helped me change my mentality. The lecture classes have also added great value to me as all classes do. The concepts taught in them lay the foundation of all the practical work i have done.

The group assignment has been one of the most complex i have done and i believe my team and I have done an excellent job.  We came up from a tumbling start but got back up on our feet running. All in all, this has been a great course to take part in and i enjoyed it.

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