Personal Reflective Report

This is a very interesting project. Its theme is the 3R (reuse, reduce, recyle), so that is let more people know what is the importance of environmental protection, and how to use multimedia to let more public and student know the way to the environment. So, in this respect is to make some poster, bunting, bookmark, street painting, and etc. for publicity. I also learn about photoshop design and flash design. The photoshop can design some picture that make it more creative. The flash is more interesting part, it can make the animation and it is challeging at all. Some action need to do by 1 flame to 1 flame. So, this is the hardest part of the all.

First, we need to discuss the themes and direction, so to make it easier to assign each member of their good work. After each person has their own work, in discussing what we should focus on. And should always come out for meeting, to be discussing what we need to do for the different jobs . Have any questions, we need to help him with each other. A group is to help each other, work together to complete the project.

One of the major problem we faced is that the flash and the photoshop is our first time work. It is challeging and hard for do that. When, we did the flash work, it need to many time to finish it. It like a picture make it to move that also need some time. So, we need more time to learn about the flash that how it works and the flame at all.

In this project, it is a good theme project. It can make us more creative and teamwork. In overall, i try my best to do this project and the drawing part i can give them some help. The another part that they also will help me to understand what is the best way to do this.

This allows us to focus on a project which, for discussion and analysis of this project is to make it easier to understand what we want done. However, this approach requires more time to learn to a project, in order to do the next project. Others learning environment are more complex, a lot of things to be done, there is no one direction, specifically, allows us to focus on the project. Therefore, more difficult to understand those projects.

This type of learning is not bad. It is a multimedia effects project. It has visual and audio effects to make those animation, picture, and movie more creative and interesting. The subjects in the future has a great space for development.

At the last, all the groups must have teamwork and collaborate is the most important thing. It will make the project come out with good idea. That can make us more power to do this project. When, each member will help another that will let the project done faster and perfect.

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