Reflective Report

When i look back to about 2 weeks ago, i thought that flash sucked. But now there are some functions that i hope photoshop would have. I guess it was because of the animation that i had to do for my assignment which kind of cost me about 4 hours worth of my time for self learning. And the flash “marathon” that i did right after that.

For photoshop i guess it was simple as i had it before during my secondary school, it is kind of sad that here they did’t go further into the animation side of photoshop. But I guess its the other student’s lost because i had my share of that during secondary.

For flash, other that the fact that there isn’t a selection tool or magic wand like photoshop. I guess it is a great software especially when used to design an animation that doesn’t need to import any image files.

Personally I feel that Flash is harder than Photoshop as there are some part that requires to be drawn frame by frame as the tween can’t perform the task required and the symbol part can sometimes be confusing as you can have symbols within symbols.

One thing that i know is that ideas don’t come easy. It comes when it comes no matter early or late, you can’t force it.


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