Progressive report3


From the first picture I draw 4 type aquatic. And add some effect for those fish to feel like they were on the surface of the sea. I draw those object by different layer, so I can edit separately.


The shark picture I were copied from internet and use adobe Photoshop and crop the picture then import to the flash.


This picture showed about the air pollution and water pollution from this factory cause. Air pollution will be cause to water pollution is because the factory release some poison gas, the poison gas dissolve in cloud. When it rain, those poison water will also drop down to sea to river. This cause of water pollution. Picture above also showed about the factory release the dirty water and didn’t pass through filter to filtration some danger partial in dirty water. This cause the sea or river smell smelly and a lot of aquatic dead. It was bad for environment.

Meaning of Picture above which I want to told is there are a lot this kind of people in the world were doing like this. This was destroying environment and make the environment getting worst. Even the rubbish didn’t throw in to river, but on the ground. It also cause a lot of pollution. At the animation of this picture, I use the frame-by-frame to draw the movement of the man and the rubbish. When the man throw the rubbish to river, I use the motion tween effect on the rubbish then make the path of rubbish, let the rubbish flow down to the sea.


In this animation, I was try to let the reader know what they have to do for the future. This scene is talk about the recycle. I draw the first recycle bin and copy it. Then change the color of those bin.


This scene is talk about reduce, we have to switch off the electric when we didn’t use it. Because of my skills of drawing was not good, so I am not able to draw the spinning fan. So I add some line at the leaves of the fan to make it feel like spinning very fast effect.

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