Campaign Visual Aids Proposal


To see and discover this beautiful world, everyone should definitely aim for better vision. For this, the eye is the most important factor. All over the world, including Malaysia, there are 625 million people who are either vision impaired or have problems with their eyes. This is nearly 10% of the world’s population. Therefore it is important to carry out a campaign to overcome this critical problem. For these reasons, we plan to introduce and start an eye care campaign in Malaysia.

For all the reasons mentioned above, our team will organize the “Eye-Care Campaign 2014 – LOVE your eyes”. Our project consists of many tasks that we hope to accomplish:

  • How to protect your eyes
  • How to prevent eye diseases
  • How to choose the proper eye wear
  • How to improve your vision

In our project, we will provide advice and support to people suffering from eye problems or blindness.

Design Sketches

Before moving on to the real design we decided to come up with the design sketches first for each of our visual aids.

*To view a larger version, click on the image.


Campaign Logo Design and Tagline



The concept of the sketch is an eye, with 2 separate green parts around it that looks like yin and yang. It represents peace and simplicity referring to real life. The logo has a tagline attached to it at the top and divided into 3 parts. When it comes to colors, there are 3 colors in the logo which are green, white, and black. White is for the simple background, green is for the yin yang that can also represents by the upper and lower eyelids, whereas black is for the pupil of the eye, and also for the tagline of “LOVE YOUR EYES”. We are only using 3 colors because we need simple colors that can make consumers remember our logo easily. On top of that, we decided that the ideal size of this logo is 12 x 24 inch.


Cartoon Character:

This cartoon with the glasses-face is going to be on several of our designs. His name is Mr. Glasses:



Campaign Poster Design

Web banner in 2 sizes:

webBanner1 webBanner2



Event Bunting:






Advertisement Bundles

Advertisement bundle is  one of an another advertising way for our eye care campaign. for this situation, our team has chosen some companies including Starbucks, Maxis (Hotlink) and Tesco. The product for these companies are commonly used by Malaysians on a daily basis.


1. Hotlink Top Up Cards



2.Starbucks Cup Holder




3. Tesco Plastic Bag



Presentation Clip (Storyboard)

Some people prefer to see video rather than looking at picture or words because it’s more enjoyable. So to make it simpler and clearer, we will make animation clips that will contain information related to eye care. As mentioned earlier, the cartoon character, Mr. Glasses will feature in each of our animation clip. For each of our animation clips, we came up with a storyboard for each.


1. How to Protect Your Eyes

HowToProtectYourEyes1 HowToProtectYourEyes2


2. How to Prevent From Eye Disease

HowToPreventFromEyeDisease1 HowToPreventFromEyeDisease2


3. How to Choose Proper Eye Wear

HowToChooseProperEyewear1 HowToChooseProperEyewear2 HowToChooseProperEyewear3

Tasks Distribution

Members of our group will all be involved in each of the tasks needed to be done for this campaign. However, each of us will give more focus on some part than the other. For this, refer to the table below:

Group Member Tasks
 Arief My focus will be on designing the campaign’s logo, tagline and our cartoon character to be used throughout the designing process. I will also make an animation clip on How to Protect Your Eyes.
 Pradil My responsibility will be mainly on the designs of our advertisement bundle. Besides that I will also come up with an animation clip titled How to Prevent From Eye Disease.
 Aliya My responsibility will be designing the campaign posters and making the animation clip (How to Choose Proper Eye Wear).



We hope our sketches and drafts are interesting enough to satisfy our client’s wants for this eye care campaign in term of the attractiveness of our designs. We also hope we can successfully deliver the messages of the campaign through our visual aids designs.

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