Ways and Ideas in Advertisement Bundle

Ways and Ideas in Advertisement Bundle

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    When I talked about advertisement bundle, first I should explain then what is an advertisement bundle. Advertisement bundle meaning the product in a market do advertisement campaign using special event from designing their product’s physical characteristics in special way relating to that event.

    Now days many products of the market using this concept to do their advertising campaign. Because all the special events just like Christmas, FIFA, summer & winter Olympics, commonwealth games, most popular football & basketball league’s etc so connected with people day to day life. So many companies now days are thinking and started to do their advertisement campaign with this concept. As an example when Christmas came , they decorate their products relating to this special event. At that time the product will attract the customer because of the product’s special designing methods. So finally the the special event can advertise within the same time the relating product can increase their sales finally can increase their profit.


    Now I would like to talk about examples for advertisement bundle. As I mentioned before now days many companies used to do their advertising campaign using this concept. World most popular brands such as Coca cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Mc donald, Samsung, LG etc used to do something special with their product’s inner or outside when is it a special event fast approaching.

    As an example Starbucks in Malaysia used to change their coffee cup outside design when is it a special event. Recently they change their coffee cup outside design because of the special event in Malaysia name called Hari Raya Haji . Starbucks did something different and attractive . they decorate their coffee cup using different colors and added new characters such as flowers and small plants. And they mentioned then Selemat Hari Malaysia on their coffee cup. It is certainly different from their regular coffee cup. And I can present it then it is an nice example for an advertisement bundle concept.

    I can present another example from here Malaysia also. Recently American Singer and a song writer who name called Taylor Swift visited to Malaysia. At that time Air Asia just changed some of their air craft’s outside view. They decorate some of their air craft using Taylor Swift photos and her name. they did like that to take attention from all the air craft passengers from using Taylor Swift arrival to Malaysia.


    From above picture , you can see how Starbucks have created their coffee cup out side view. They have added more colors and characters just like flowers and small plants, then finally they have mentioned upcoming event name on their frappuccino coffee cup .


    From above picture you can see how Air Asia have designed their air craft’s from using Taylor Swift name and her photos. This is an quite strange example for an advertisement bundle.


    First of all I would like to briefly mentioned some ways for advertisement bundle concept.

    1. Design the product’s outside view reflecting an upcoming event.
    2. Design the product’s shape reflecting symbols of an upcoming event.
    3. Create video advertisement representing concept of advertisement bundle.
    4. Add the logo designs of a festival or event to product out side view or presentatives.

    Now I would like to talk about what are the ways for advertisement bundle, there are so many ideas for a better advertisement bundle, now days many companies and organizations are used try to new methods for attract the customers and increase their income from using new ways of advertisement bundle.

    As a first point for a way or idea for an advertisement bundle, a company can design their product’s out side view from reflecting an popular upcoming event, at this situation they can change the regular packing designs. They willing to change their color, change the regular designs from reflecting an upcoming event. When Christmas is fast approaching, those companies can change their products out side packing using red color and some symbols relating to Christmas just like Christmas tree, santa claus and his cart and snow dear, snow etc. when food ball world cup or another popular sports event just like NBA, summer and winter Olympics , some most popular food ball leagues in Europe, those companies can decorate and change the color of their product’s out side view, as an example when football world cup fast approaching , companies add some special symbols relating to this event , some times photos of the most popular football stars, football, football world cup trophy etc. so change the color of there regular products and special symbols relating to an upcoming event is a most popular advertising bundle way.

    As an another point for advertisement bundle, now days some companies used to change their product’s shape representing an upcoming event, as an example some chocolate, snacks or sweet companies used to change their product’s shape reflecting an upcoming event. When Christmas is fast approaching , snacks companies change the shape of the snacks reflecting Christmas trees, stars, some other shapes reflecting Christmas. When valentine fast approaching, Some chocolate companies change the shape of the chocolate representing valentine symbols just like hart, recently Fuji company did advertisement using heart shape balloons which mentioned Fuji company name at valentines day. Change the shape of the product which reflecting an upcoming event is an another way for advertisement bundle.

    Now I would like to talk about an another point for a successful way for an advertisement bundle. All the top brand companies used to do their advertisement campaign on television and internet also. So at that time they telecast video advertisement. We can do something different with it. It is we can create our video advertisement telecasting an upcoming event. When football world cup fast approaching DHL companies created and telecasted an advertisement representing football world cup at the same time representing their brand name also on television and internet. Then it become a successful commercial on television. And Coca Cola company created video advertisement just reflecting synarioes of Christmas. Reflect an upcoming event from using video advertisement on television and internet become an another way of advertisement bundle.

    Use a special logo of a festival or upcoming sporting event is an another way for advertisement bundle, now days some companies used to decorate their product’s outside shape from using upcoming event symbols. As an example McDonald was an official partner an proud sponcer for London 2012 olympics, so they added London Olympic logo for their drinks cup, tissue, food packing papers and boxes. This is an simple but more attractive way for advertisement bundle methodology. So add a logo of an upcoming event for a company product’s representatives is become an another way for advertisement bundle.


    From above picture , you can see how FUJI company have done their advertising campaign at valentines day. They has used romantic color for heart shaped balloons then they have mentioned their names also with it.

    Now I would like to talk about ideas for a better advertisement bundle concept and campaign. In here I cannot talk only with advertisement bundle, I have to talk about ideas for a better campaign also. Because all those two factors are very closely related with each other, I have talk about what is an advertisement bundle ,examples and ways from above pages. In here I hope to talk about much better ideas for an advertisement bundle.

    For a successful advertisement bundle concept , we should be care with other marketing strategies also. If create a nice advertisement from using any media type ,the most important thing is how we will go to present it to several people of this society.so in here I hope to talk about some points for a better marketing strategies also.

    First let’s review some ideas for this concept. As an company or an organization, if we going to use this situation, we have to choose a right event for this, the event should be more popular not only with majority of a society or country, we have to choose an upcoming event carefully which popular with most of people , as for an example many companies now days used to do more advertisement like this when Christmas, Olympic or football world cup are fast approaching. So choose right event carefully which popular among with most of the people.

    As an another idea, if you are running a big company network, you should have so many products or services. Some products are foods, drinks, electronics, textile etc. for this advertisement bundle concept is more popular with products related to foods and drinks .because those products are always used by people. So I can mentioned an another point from here , it is use product which more popular or mostly used by people in day to day activities.as an example McDonald used to do advertisement bundle concept when Olympics fast approaching .

    As an another idea for this situation, we have to choose right places not only for advertisement bundle but also for advertisement for entire product or campaign also. If we did not choose correct media at the right time we are unable to fulfill our tasks from both two points. In advertising campaign we should choose right places for advertising. We have to target some special people group of our society. So we should get to know, what kind of media are they using. It can be a news paper, magazine or tv station. So we have to choose the newspaper and magazines which they are reading, we have to choose the tv stations which they used to watch and we have to use social media’s or websites which they used to use for advertising. So if we choose right place for advertisement. And when we publish our posters , we have to choose places where most of people gather or cross. So choose and use a right place so important to us. So at that time We are able to expect success not only in campaign but also from advertising bundle concept too too.

    If we created an advertisement from using all the techniques including advertisement bundle also , if we did not choose right media, our all the efforts will become failure. As I mentioned above , a company main budget is for advertisement process. So advertising is the key element of success. So we should select suitable media’s carefully. Otherwise we will lost not only our money but also success of our campaign. For these advertisements, we will get so many customers from different ages from primary school student to over elderly person. So they are not using same media’s because of the generation theory. More elderly people still using some printed media’s just like newspapers, handbills & posters of the road side. But young people mostly depend on electric and electronic media’s including internet, television, radio and some most popular fashion outlook magazines. Culture fact , it also can be a big impact on our advertising media’s . Because Malaysia is one most multi cultural society not only south east asia but also can be entire asia. So the tv station which used to watch by Indians are not used to watch by other people of this country. So we decided to do advertisement campaign on media’s on all the nationalties used to watch. So choose the correct media for advertisement is one of an another idea not only for advertisement bundle but also for entire advertising campaign also.

    So finally I can briefly present those ideas from points also.

    *Choose an popular upcoming event for the advertisement bundle concept.

    *Choose commonly and mostly used product for advertisement bundle.

    *Choose right places for advertise your campaign advertisement which were created by using the advertising bundle concept.

    *Choose a suitable media not only for advertising but also for other advertising techinques too.


    Now days in advertising is the one of a main factor for every kind of product or service company or organization of this economy based society. So all the companies and organization do advertising using different concepts and different medias . but only some of advertisement will become very successful other becomes failure. What is the reason for some companies advertising success. Because they have used new techniques to do their advertising campaign. Advertisement bundle is one of a most popular advertising technique too.

    When Christmas , football world cup or Olympics were fast approaching, sometime u have to see some changes of your regular Coca Cola bottle or cup. It may be more colorful than regular bottle or cup. Some time you can see more characters also there. It will reflect the advertising bundle concept.

    This concept is more popular with not only with customers but also with all the companies and organizations too. Most of times people are more concern about special event or special thing, there is an most popular advertisement also there with using advertisement bundle. Companies are thinking they can attract more customers from using this kind advertising techniques. Then they have achieved a big success also from using these kind of facts on their advertising campaign.

    So now I hope , all the readers who rode this article that person can understand then what is the advertisement bundle, examples for it from our society , new ways to approach to this situation and new ideas for implementation the success of this advertising bundle concept.

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