Personal Reflection

There are many valuable experiences throughout the completion of this project, mostly that being related to the usage of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash software. Having to struggle using these software had taught me not to cave in to pressure nor to give up easily, as well as being creative enough to find an alternative solution to the problem. I had also learned the importance of managing time wisely, as being unable to do so would have cause the project to fail. Besides that, I was also able to put into practice whatever I had learned in class into the project.


Initially, when the class first started, being briefed about the whole course (and of course, its coursework which included this project), I remember being really excited about it since I had always been curious about how it is like to design things, especially when it comes to campaigns, very similarly to that of this project. But throughout the project, I had a feeling that the enthusiasm that was there in the beginning of the semester was still there, despite several challenges being faced and many frustrations that is caused by the lack of mastery when it comes to the use of the required software. But all in all, I felt grateful for whatever experience that I had gone through and gained throughout the entire course of this project.


The interaction of the group was pretty good, I suppose. This may be due to the fact that all of the members already know each other before the grouping was made. Any doubts were made clear, any mistakes were pointed out without being too harsh by one member, to another. There is a balance in the amount of interactions within the group. No one member shadows another member. Everything is a collective decision, no one dictates the group.


Of course, there will always be problems faced whenever something is being done, whatever it is. In our group (and I believe possibly that of other group’s as well), the main problem will always be that of the chasing of deadlines. In order to solve this problem, tasks were allocated amongst each member efficiently, and usually there will be a short briefing whereby before starting anything, the members would go through whatever requirements that are needed to make sure that everyone is on the right track. Another problem that our group faced was the lack of actual discussions, due to the difference in time tables. To overcome this problem, groups were formed on social networking sites to ensure that the group is constantly connected and discussions are constant.


To be completely honest, I would personally rate my performance in this project as somewhat between below average to average. I had observed that there are classmates who are much more experienced in the use of the required software, whilst others have much more fascinating ideas than the ones that I had ever thought of, both being the skills and the creativity that is are very important factors in the completion of this project that I mostly lack. When it comes to my performance within the group, I suppose that I would rate it as average. I did whatever work that was given to me, participated in discussions, provided solutions and ideas, but never actually gave much constructive criticisms to the other members that may help them with their artwork.


One of the noticeable difference between this learning environment with that of any other classroom learning environment that I had experienced is that students actually get to make full use of the technology around them, such as the computer to learn Flash from PDF files and headphones to actually listen to video tutorials. With this, it had also given us students more flexibility when it comes to learning, as each one of us have a different pace and methods in which we could effectively learn from. It also provides the students with the freedom to actually freely explore the software, as compared to the normal learning environment. With all these reasons as stated above, I would prefer to have this type of learning as compared to the typical classroom learning environment.


Throughout the project, it also made me realize how important it is to have good collaboration with others, especially that of the members of the group. With good collaboration, it allows each of the members to keep track of each other’s project, making sure that each of the members are on the right track. Also, with good collaboration, we are able to overcome many challenges throughout the project without much problems.

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