Reflective Report


Reflective report

1. How do you feel about doing this project?

When Ms.Leow told us about the assignment in start of the semester, I was not able to understand what she talking a about and I afraid thinking about how I’m going to do this assignment successfully. Later onward, I was realized that she was very friendly and strict in this subject. My afraid was gone when I attend each of her class. From that moment, my confident level was increase step-by-step. I was feel very challenging and very interesting. When I was start my project, I not too familiar with adobe Photoshop and adobe flash. It was challenging part to me to develop each frame completely. I was learn to use the tool to create my project work successfully. Drawing in adobe flash gives me refreshing mode and very interesting to draw again after few years.

2. How was the interaction of the group? Why?

My group members is my friends. There are very kind to help each other to complete this assignment. From them I was learn lot of knowledge’s to grow up my skill in this assignment. My group member’s is help each other to develop and complete this assignment successfully. We always arrange meeting among us before we go for presentation for this assignment. Not only that, we always meet after class hours to discuss about the assignment and also always connect in Facebook to discuss not only about assignment but for study purpose also. My group member and I not divided as a group leader and other is just members, we four members are group leaders and group members. This concept didn’t hurt among us, it gives us more flexibility in group to communicate each other, give new ideas and the progress of assignment.

3. What were the problems faced by the group and how did your group solve them?

The content of the project is one of the problem faced by my group .The main ideas of the project, how we going to develop the project and what design is suitable for this project is the problem we faced. We try to search in online for the solution. Other than that, our lecturer Ms.leow very helpful to us to give some idea’s and sample design’s for our project. We also give our own ideas and choose from there which idea’s and design is better for this project.

4. How would you rate your performance in this project and in this group?

I did my best for this project and my group members also give their best to complete this assignment. In this group, I was rate my performance equal because this is a group project so each one have to give their best to complete this project. My group members gives their skills, knowledge’s and ideas equal as me so my group planned perfectly to complete this project and we was made it. Time management was important to us because have to complete the project before the due date. We was divided our time effectively to complete this project.


5. What are the differences of this learning environment compared to your other classroom learning environment?

Learning in classroom is giving me the basic knowledge of the course. Classroom environment more to a formal learning that means classroom environment learning only about according to syllabus for that subject but this group project is one of the learning environment represent informal environment. From this kind of the learning, I can learn more than subject syllabus and get more critical thinking skill to improve myself. This learning environment gives me to learn more compared to classroom learning environment.

6. Would you prefer this type of learning for all your other courses? Why?

I was prefer this type of learning for all other courses because learning in classroom environment will not give me hundred percentage of focus or concentration in studies. I will not able to focus for two hours in same classroom. The class room learning also make me sleepy and boring because we sit and listen to lecturer talk for longer time caused our brain not focused in studies and listening to other talk is less among nowadays students, same for me also but classroom studies is import as this group project learning because classroom learning environment give me discipline attitude and basic of that course so classroom learning environment also important.

7. How important was it to collaborate with others? Why?

To success in each project we do, we have to collaborate with others effectively. Collaboration is about communicating with others and gets some knowledge’s for other. If we didn’t collaborate with other, we will not get general knowledge’s and we will not recognized by others. Collaborate give us more confident to do project because if we do mistakes, other will guide us to correct that mistakes. Other than that, they will guide us to recognize our self.





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