Progressive Report 3

For my two minute animation, i decided to show a story of how the little things we do, slowly by slowly add to the end product of environmental degradation. First of, I had to make character and I choose a garbage truck. the image below shows how it came up to be.



The first part of the animation had a background of a row of houses.

The second part of the animation is where the truck is seen driving through a beautiful area with green tries and gorgeous valleys which  are not polluted in anyway.



Then the third part shows the truck getting into the dump site or landfill and dropping the load it was carrying . The  land fill already loos full but they still add to it.



The garbage is then burnt which the smoke  is a great environmental pollutant. The emissions are have adverse effects to weather patterns and the climate in general.



The emissions are then shown to rise up slowly into the air.



The smoke then rises up to the skies and joins up with the clouds. the clouds then are moved by wind to somewhere else.



The clouds eventually come to a halt and the downpour starts. the acid rain falls like crazy.



You can now see the rain pouring on the trees.



the next scene shows the leaves that are down which are already dead and fallen off



Then the leaves pill up and is shown below.



The last scene shows how the trees have lost all their leaves and the land dries up due to this.



Then the end shows some words to advice the INTIans who will see the animation.


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