Personal reflection report

How do you feel about doing this project?

It is challenging to me, I haven’t been drawing and design, also have no contact with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash, but now I know how to use them, and has carried on the simple production.

How was the interaction of the group? Why?

Group is a big help to me, I often met the problem, team help me to solve them. Team work is very good to me.

What were the problems faced by the group and how did your group solve them?

For me the biggest problem is that I don’t know how to design and complete the work, the others of the team’s work will give me great help.

How would you rate your performance in this project and in this group?

Is not very good, but I think it is good, I’m trying to do.

What are the differences of this learning environment compared to your other classroom learning environment?

Compared with other courses, we have more time to practice. I think it can make us better learning.

Would you prefer this type of learning for all your other courses? Why?

Yes, this course is very interesting for me.

How important was it to collaborate with others? Why?

This is very important, cooperation with others can make the work to be done better. When we are doing a job , the team others can provide us with some valuable advice.

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