Visual Elements Used by Eye Care Campaign

Visual Elements Used by Eye Care Campaign

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Visual elements plays an important role in all type of advertisements. It is the key in attracting someone’s attention, delivering the message successfully and build their interest on the subject matter. Visual elements includes line, shape, size, texture, colour, direction, and value. While applying these elements onto a design, a designer needs to keep in mind the principles of design which includes balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and space. When designing advertisements for an eye care campaign it is really important to make it easily readable and easily understood.

Colour for example, it has the power to influence the entire print. It is a language on its own. “You can also set the mood of a design by using the psychology of colour, but you must be sure your selected colours convey the correct message at an unconscious level, and that they are suitable for the audience your project is intended to reach” (Dabner, Stewart & Zempol 2013, p. 88). For an eye care campaign maybe a combination of cool colours like blue, green or violet is better as they are easier to look to the eyes. Again, the way the colours are combined is important, the balance and the contrast needs to be considered in depth.

The next most important element is the size and space or layout of the design. Should it be symmetrical or asymmetrical? Should it be spacy or should it contains a lot of information? These choices reflects on the readability of the advertisement design. ”The use of a grid system and consistently styled design elements helps the reader to absorb information in a visually pleasing way, and enhances the communication of the content” (Dabner, Stewart & Zempol 2013, p. 40).



During my entire research I have managed to collect a few samples from the internet that I think is interesting and gives me some idea on how to design our own advertisement later for our group assignment.


2. 1. SAMPLE 1

This Advertisement titled RAY CHARLES was done by ALMAP BBDO Brazil advertising agency for Eye Care Foundation by the Fundacao Eye Care in Brazil. It was released in the Jan 2003. It has won two awards; Clio Awards 2004 Print Outdoor Campaign (Gold) and Cannes Lions 2003 Press (Gold). The message is to get people to protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses when they are out in the sun.



2.2. SAMPLE 2

This advertisement titled Eye Care was done by Grey Worldwide advertising agency for Al Adasat Centre in United Arab Emirates. It was released in the Mar 2008. The image is showing the message of time is running out before you lose your eye.



2.3. SAMPLE 3

This advertisement titled Needle Eye was done by Amo Communications advertising agency for Shivam Eye Care by Shivam Optics in India. It was released in the Dec 2009. It features a very old person’s hand successfully thread a needle.




In order to successfully deliver the message that is the missions of the eye care campaign, the design should feature objects related to eye care for example an image of an eye, reading glasses or sunglasses, eye test chart or even activities one can relate to having good or bad eyesight (like the one used in sample 3). As for the readability, the design need to keep it as high as possible to ensure that those who would benefit the most from the eye care campaign will receive the message.



The visual elements, when used correctly in a design according to the six design principles mentioned, should be able to produce a very interesting advertisement that can both satisfy the client and also deliver the message that they want to be delivered to their audience.



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