Progressive Report 3

The first step of my animation is that I think of all the necessary scenes for my animation. What comes after what, what need to happen.

Step 1: create scenes



After all the scenes are created, i begin drawing scene by scene starting from scene 1. I am using bamboo drawing pad which i borrowed from my friend.

The pad :


Some example of scenes drawing :

3 2


I am focusing on the background of the scene. No animation yet

step 2 : while drawing the scenes, at the same time i create the object that i need.

some example of objects

5 6

Step 3 : After done with all the scenes and background, I go for animation. I starting drawing the stickman, make it an object and animate inside the object itself

Some example of objects which frames inside itself for animation.

9 7 8


Step 4 : After done with animation, i go for sound. I search and download some sound effect on youtube, download it, and import to Flash. But too bad some error occur which do not allow me to import. So I searched online for solution and found that i need certain kbps and Hz to be able to import to Flash, so i convert the mp3 file using

Songs that I used :


Step 5 : After putting in music I color some objects.



I am spreading the message in this animation that what the world would become if we didn’t take good care of the earth. When the last plant on earth dies, so will we. We should stop chopping down trees and save the earth.

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