Personal Reflection

I am very happy in doing this assignment because I actually applied what I have learned in class. A lot of things that I have learnt in class have been forgotten but by doing this assignment all the things that i have learnt come back. In the future maybe i will forget again but i have the thought in my mind that if i can do it once i can do it again. I am very happy to do this assignment at home because of my unifi speed instead of stuck in hostel. Internet speed really made a difference. I would like to thanks Ms Leow for her guidance that she gave us throughout the semester. I would also very happy that one of my friends borrowed me his bamboo drawing pad that made my life so much easier. At last, i really learnt a lot in using photoshop and flash, and i know i still have space for improvement in the future. I started quite late when doing this assignment, which ended up i dont have enough time to do colour my animation. But by using bamboo almost the whole animation is hand drawn except for text. I learned that I should have started earlier to do a better job. I also found out that I don’t know how to do a lot of things, and I have to google or search youtube for the tutorial. But at the end, I learned a lot.

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