Tess Loh May Fern (Progressive Report 3)




Clip 1

Screenshot (148)


The sky was first added for the background.


Screenshot (152)

The rabbit was drawn with its legs (left and right), hands(left and right) and body were all separated.



Screenshot (155)


The rabbit was converted into a symbol.

Screenshot (379)


The grass was converted into a symbol and classic tween was used here so that it would move to reveal the overflowing river. ¬†The was rabbit was a symbol with motion tween for the movement of it’s limbs

Scene 2

Screenshot (163)


A tree was imported into Photoshop.

Screenshot (164)

The magic wand was used to clear the white background.

Screenshot (233)

The tree, sky and grass as the background.

Screenshot (249)

The tree was converted into a symbol and then classic tween was used so that tree would move to the right.

Screenshot (255)

The rabbit(symbol) was used and then motion tween was used so that the limps would move.

Scene 3

Screenshot (262)

The rabbit, tree, sky, cloud and grass for scene 3.

Screenshot (313)

The cut down tree was imported into Photoshop and the magic wand was used.

Screenshot (314)

The cut down tree was imported into flash and placed around the tree. The plain tree now has eyes, mouth and eyebrows. Tears were also added on to express his sadness. All his facial features were exaggerated for the audience to be clear on the fact that he was sad.

Screenshot (315)

The rabbit which is a symbol with motion tween for it to move closer to the tree.

Scene 4

Screenshot (317)

The imported cut down tree bark earlier was used in scene four too. An owl was imported too.  Another rabbit was placed in this scene too.

Screenshot (318)

The rabbit which is a symbol had motion tweening implemented so that it move towards the owl.

Screenshot (319)

Here numerous key frames of the rabbit’s opening and closing it’s mouth alternately so that the speech of the rabbit would be in sync with the audio(of the rabbit talking) that had been imported.

Screenshot (323)

The transform tool was used on the owl to make it face the rabbit for their conversation. Motion tween was used here for the opening and closing of the owl’s mouth.


Scene 5


Screenshot (380)

For scene 5 there is a ladder there with the rabbit on it. The rabbit body was stagnant but it’s mouth was moving. The tree facial expression was made to look very afraid with it’s eyes and mouth opened wide.

Screenshot (381)



The tree was converted into a symbol and motion tween was used in this instance to open and closed it’s mouth.

Scene 6

Screenshot (325)

Three trees were imported here and then converted into a symbol. The eyes and mouth were drawn.

Screenshot (326)

For the tallest tree motion tween was used since it was talking so the mouth had to open and close.


Screenshot (382)


There were two buttons which were stop and play.

Screenshot (383)

The first script written was stop(); at the first frame so that it would automatically play at the first frame.


Screenshot (384)


These are the scripts for the stop and play button.






















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