Introduction of our assignment


Of our graphic design group assignment


For the MMD2201 graphic design group assignment, we had combined four members as a group for this project. Our group name is “The 3R Knights” and the four of our members are: Yau Yat Way, Yap Chin Kiat, Tan Kong Huei and Huang Xin Yu. The leader of the group is Yat Way and he is the one that manage the schedule for the group design process, and also help us in various of things. The name of our group is the “3R’s Knight” which represents us as the knights that trying our best to protect the nature environment by using the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) concept. We also created our own group logo and mascot: “The Tree Warrior” as one of the requirement for the assignment.

In this assignment, we have stated 3 main objectives for ourselves which is : Promoting the way to protect the environment and benefits of 3R’s to the public, improve the public awareness of environment protection and give the best design quality to the public. Our design concept will mostly about making the audience feel regretful and invoke their sensory perceptions on solving the environment problem. All of our group members also agreed that all the members should give share their design idea and give advice to each other for more improvement on the design. We also make sure that the design will deliver appropriate message to the audience without mistakes and confusion, because a design that no people understand isn’t a design.

The three most important software that we will use in this design is the Adobe photoshop, Adobe flash and also microsoft words since we have learnt about how to use those software through out our practical class.

We have created 1 group mascot, 1 group logo and 6 visuals design for our group assignment. Yat Way will be responsible for the mascot and logo design, he also created a poster design as one of the design visuals. Kong Huei has created a laptop sticker and phone case for the design visuals. The design visuals of aluminum can and wall painting are created by Chin Kiat. Huang Xin Yu also created a tissue box design and plastic bag design for the assignment. Each of us has also created an animation for the assignment. We make sure all of our design will deliver in the best quality, “Go! 3R Knights!”

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