Progress Report 3

so, this is my third progress report, in this report i will post how did i created a rotating globe. First i selected the oval tool to make an oval object.


and after that i googled a world map picture and i imported into library.


and then i aligned the oval object with the world map picture as right align, so the result is like the picture above. I put the oval and world map picture as outlines only so it is easier for me to move it as where i wanted the object to be. then i go to frame 100 and i press F6 to insert a keyframe and then at frame 100 i drag the world map to the left and then i right clicked on any frame and choose create classic motion.


after i have done aligned these two object and done with the classic motion, i right click on the oval layer and select “Mask”. so the result is shown above.


and i added the galaxy background and put the text.



after i have done with the text part, i created eyes and mouth for the globe, i selected oval object and i draw two small oval and then i draw two smaller oval for the eyeball.


and this is what i have did, i created two eyes which left and right, same goes to the eyeball left eyeball and right eyeball.


this is the final result that i have done drawing and animating a rotating globe.


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