Progress Report 3 (animation)


This is the main menu of the animation created. The background is imported onto the Stage and the leaves and sun were drawn using Pen Tool, and Oval Tool and Brush respectively. The leaves and sun were then converted into buttons and dragged onto the stage from the Library.


A4 A7

This is the character for the first part of the animation (there are 4 parts for the ‘First Chapter’ of the animation). The first shape of the character is drawn, turned into a symbol, and within that symbol, the rest of the characters are drawn and later animated, all within the symbol. Later, Classic Motion Guide is added for the path in which the plastic bag would fly away when the character steps on it.


A9 A12

For the second part, a turtle, which was made in to a symbol, is drawn and animated. Once that is done, another background is then imported and it is proceeded with the turtle’s and the plastic bag’s (converted into a symbol previously) movements.


A13 A15

In the third part, another chacter is made, simiarly to that of the first character. Also, Classic Motion Guide is also added for the path of the flying paper, once again similarly to that of the first part.


A16 A18

In the fourth part, another background is imported (and converted into a graphic), along with the pictures of the trees and the tree stumps. The background is tinted yellow at the end of this part of the animation to represent pollution.


A21 A25

In the ‘2nd Chapter’, which will introduce the concept of 3R, firstly, a background is once again imported, along with added texts and also a picture of an Earth. All these are converted into a symbol to allow smoother animations and to enable tweening effects.


A27 A30

A32 A35


A36 A39

After introducing the 3Rs, the following scenes are pretty similar, in the sense that they all have images imported onto the stage (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), uses Classic Motion Guide and have texts added to them. The layout and how the texts are displayed may differ from one another, based on how the Classic Tweening is done.


A41 A47

In the second last scene, a new background is imported and texts are added.



This is the final scene of the animation, having the image imported, turned into a symbol and resized, together with tweening added.

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