Progress report 3

From this group assignment, I was learn more details about the adobe flash. How to use the tool in adobe flash effectively to create perfect scene and motion movie.I was also learn most import motion type that is shape motion, classic motion,motion tween.

I was start my animation project before 2 week from due date for group assignment project.My animation story line is about the recycling with 3R concept.











The beginning of story about a boy buy a drink from super market. Then he trow the soft drink can in walkway street.When everyone looked the soft drink can as rubbish, they also start to trow their rubbish in that street. Finally the walking street become dirty and anyone cannot walk in that street because of bad smell and rubbish’s.  Another boy is trow throw throw rubbish in sea, not only him but some irresponsible people throw the rubbish in sea. when the months run on, the rubbish all in sea become poison to sea features.







This story about save electrical energy.The boy was switch on the table lamp but forget to switch of it. Her mother swicth off the lamp and told to that boy that have to switch off the lamp if didn’t use, it’s good for us and environment.



This story about the boy walking in street and he saw the discount for clothes. He decided to go for 51% discount shop and buy some clothes and shoes.After few months he put the old clothes in rubbish  bin outside his house.From this story,not only paper, bottle can recycle but clothes also can recycle but he wasted his clothes trow in rubbish bin.

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