Personal Reflections

Well, it is my second time taking this subject and i found that the most challenging part of this subject is the second assignment which is creating animation, and first i would like to Thank Miss Leow for guide me through this subject. First i feel the project is quite tough because it is very time consuming in case to produce a good animation, but after i have done this project i feel that i have accomplished something special in this semester which is i have created an animation, even though it is a simple animation but it is cool for me.

The interaction in our group is well, sometimes we chat through online social media like facebook messenger and line. We also set time to meet up to discuss the work. the problem we face probably is time for meet up because we are taking different subject so the only free time is at night and we may doing another assignment or work at night time, so we discuss about it through our group which i created in facebook messenger. i would rate my performance in this project and group as 3 because nobody is perfect and i try to give my best to our group and do what i can to help them. Well i can say that this is the only subject provided online video for student to study, and i think it helps a lot compared to explained by the lecture in the classroom. yeah, i think i prefer like this kind of study for all of my subject because if i missed lets say one class, so i will not totally missed the whole lesson at that day, i still have the online video or online discussion that allows me to follow through the lesson. it is very important to collaborate with others because as we all know nobody is perfect in this world, so maybe i know this part of things, and our partner know the other part of the things, so we can sharing our knowledge with each other, this is why i think collaborate is important.

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