Progressive report 3

i started my animation by Googling how to draw a bird use flash. After 2 hours, i was finally able to add it into my animation properly. It was sad that i couldn’t use the code that generates birds as there were some glitches and it won’t stop when i added the stop(); command. And because of that i had to find my own solution to solve it.


I also spent about 2 hours to learn how to add coding to button that i newly created. However i only used the simple ones for my animation as there wasn’t a need for a pause button or a stop button. Most of the command i use were gotoAndPlay,Stop(xxx); i used them as the play,replay,back button.

As for my story, I did have a clear vision on what to do, so i followed my initial plan for tree being chopped and rubbish being dump,and after doing so i was stuck for quite some time. Suddenly the idea came to my mind which was to use the mascot as the “button” to the scenes.


During that time I didn’t have the file for the mascot and had my friend who was in charge of it to send to me. but because the image wasn’t as clear as i thought so i made a rework based on it.

lmascot rework

i did simple designs for some scenes as i couldn’t thing of any creative ideas ¬†for it. But i am rather pleased of my work and i realized that somehow i did everything i wrote as my story line.


I had some extra time so i did so additional design just for backup.

The bookmark was designed using a simple 2 color gradient and leaves as the background.

as for the details, it was towards paper,trees.

the pen design layout was based in my own pen.

bm and pen

for the water bottle i used blue gradient as water is “blue” and at the side i used information on plastic bottles

I used bevel & emboss along with 0 fill to make the bubbles.


bottle design

this is our Group’s Representative object

Due to the hot weather in our country, people tend to spam on aircon and fan.

We used fan as our representative object to tell people to save electricity (reduce).



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