Progressive Report 3

My animation part of this group assignment was indeed the hardest part. I took more than 8 hours to actually complete the animation to a certain point. I had many up to 1329 frames which is equivalent to 132.8 seconds. I learnt a lot by doing the animation entirely myself with the aid of youtube videos as well as the lab lessons. The stress was there because i didn’t have a sketch pad nor a professional mouse. I had many layers of animation in order to equip the environment with many graphic images. I had about 50 tweening activities carried out as in the amount of movement i had used. I explored mainly through the motion tween and the classic tween.

I also realized how important is it to convert images into symbols. Unfortunately i didn’t know about the drawbacks. So when i used symbols a lot, i started to face disadvantages and ended up investing quite a long time correcting mistakes and finding other ways to doing what i wanted. I have to mention that the “Ctrl Z” option was very useful because almost everytime i created something new, i’d need to undo a couple of times to get it right.

Inserting the music into the timeline wasn’t much of a burden. I downloaded tunes for almost all actions on my animation to give it a realistic feel. Creating the button wasn’t that hard although i was confused at first. A simple 4 minute youtube video taught me about the code snippets build into the Actions option to help use templates of coding for my buttons to function. I created two buttons, a Play button at the beginning of the animation and a Stop button that runs throughout the animation for users’ ease.


Screenshot (475)Figure 1.0: A random shot of the animation portraying multiple layers used for the animation of one scene.

Screenshot (474)Figure 1.1: The final frame of my animation that ends with a social message.

Screenshot (477)Figure 1.2: The first frame of the animation that has a wallpaper and two buttons on it.


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