Progression Report 3

Progression Report 3 – My assignment animation

My animation story is mostly about a young kid that love the nature environment very much and he always like to take a walk on a garden road that near his house. Unfortunately, human didn’t take their responsibility to take care of planet earth. Many kinds of human activities are destroying and polluting the environment, then the situation of the environment become very bad. The garden road that the main character likes isn’t the same as usual anymore, the tree has chopped down, the birds are dying and the place is starting to burn because of the increasing of global temperature. This point of this story is to remind the people to take action to protect the earth before it is too late.

First, I created a button and converted it into a symbol of button. I added the title ” Garden Road ” on top of it.


After that, I start with a scene of the main character is crying about something bad had happened.


Then, the character’s eye start getting teary and wet. I sketch the eye blinking movement frame by frame with a drawing pad. I faded in the subtitle with the help of motion tween and alpha effects.


The scene started to zoom out and show out the face of the character. I used the technique of converting the crying action of the eye into symbol and I use motion tween to zoom out the eye, this will make eye keep moving and crying while zooming out. The face of the character is created by a circle editing tool and zoom out with the technique of motion tween.


After finishing the zoom out scene, I sketched the main character as a stick man. The reason that I using a stick man because I want to bring the originality of animation: frame by frame animation. Most of the stick man movement is created by sketching it frame by frame with my drawing pad, it really took a lot of time but it is worth it. Then, I sketched the tree growing movement with frame by frame technique and converted it into a symbol. I place all the tree symbol around the character.


The character started to move, the movement of the character also created by frame by frame technique. The trees beside the character will be moving up till out of the screen with motion tween technique to make the stick man look more like walking.


I created a graphic symbol called “Bird Flying”. Inside the symbol, I drawn a bird and separated the body and the wings as two layers. The wings of the bird will be flapping with the help of motion tween.  Then, I added the bird back into the main scene and create a movement path for it with motion tween again. The bird will appear as flying from the left side to the right in the animation.


I created three symbols again for the three “destroyer of the environment” : improperly disposing of waste, factory polluting the air and people didn’t like to recycle.  All of the movement of the three symbol are created by frame by frame and motion tween technique. Then , three of them will be added to the main scene and it will appear in a enlargement sequence style in the animation.


This another example of one of the three symbols that I stated above.


I sketched the chopped trees by drawing pad and added them into the main scene to bring out the bad situation of the environment to the audience.  The chopped tree will keep moving up too because of the walking of the main character. I also created a fire with burning action as a graphic symbol. The fire will keep burning while moving up with the trees.


The animation ended with a red background to give a warning and cautions feeling to the audience. Then, the two words: “Do it before is too late” and “Protect the earth” will appear with typing actions by using the frame by frame technique. The last frame of the whole video will be the word ” With Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”




Special Add ons :


The logo of the group has been modified. The first draft of the logo has the two letter: ‘G’ and ‘W’ on the shield part to represents the Green Warriors. Due to some special conditions, our group name has changed to the 3R Knights. I use a recycle sign to replace the two letters instead of ‘3’ and ‘K’ to prevent confusing the audience because we had the 3R’s at the ribbon banner that located bottom of our group logo. I afraid that audience will confuse why that we put 3 K but there are 3 R slogan on it.

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