Personal Reflective Report

First of all, i feel that the assignment is fun yet challenging at the same time. I’ve learned a lot from this project such as designing using photoshop and creating animation with flash. The topic itself is a very interesting topic too as it is about 3R. It is fun to learn animation as I love to see the characters come alive. I also feel very satisfied when I’m able to make smooth animation.It is very challenging for me as this is my first time doing animation. It takes a lot of effort in order to make the movement smooth. Besides that, INTI hostel internet was down for 3 days when I am doing the animation which is the hardest thing for me as I cannot refer to online videos or tutorials.

The interaction of the group is good as we have online discussion from time to time. We divided our tasks since the project was given. In short, there is no problem for the interaction of the groups as we discuss everything together if we have problems.

One of the major problems we faced is that our members are not from the same section for other subjects. Thus, the time for discussion is very limited. We solved this problem by using online discussion. We will meet up and discuss too if all of us are free at that time.

In overall, I would rate my own performance as good in this project. Although I have tried my best and always try to answer or solve the questions asked by other group members, there is still some room for improvements.

This learning environment is very different compared to my other subjects. The learning environment itself becomes more relaxed and fun because of the videos played or discussions in class. I would prefer this learning environment as sometimes it gets boring in other subjects learning environment. Moreover, the lab class environment is very good as we watch videos on our own and learn it with our own pace.

Last but not least, collaborate with other people is very important. Without collaboration, our group would not be able to come up with good ideas for the project. Besides that, our design might be the same or out of topic if we did not collaborate with each other.

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