Progress Report 2

The another design that i choose to complete this project is banner. I found out that every student in INTI when they take away food, they are still using the styrofoam box and plastic. It is good that to remind and encourage them to bring their own lunch box so that won’t be a waste of resource and keep healthy too.

This is the very first design that I started

This is the first step that I open up a new empty file and I drag the small circle in to it and insert the text.

Banner 1

banner 2

Secondly, I found a plastic image and the recycle logo and drag into it and start rearrange the sequence, and then insert the text too.

banner 3

banner 4

banner 5

Lastly, I found that the colour is boring and unattractive. Then I insert a layer that overlay all the items and insert a text and adjust the text.

banner 6


The complete one





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