Personal reflective report

First of all, I felt that this multimedia design group project has given me a big challenge in this semester. The reason I felt that it is hard because I am not interesting in drawing and design. But, I am still put more effort to finish this project with my group members. The most challenging part is we need to get an idea for the project. One of the most hard part is about to create the animation for the project. For the interaction of group, I think that we don’t have the big issue around us. We can communicate to each other and we share the problem we faced. Unfortunately, one of the members in our group has leave but it is not show that we need to handle more works. We separate the task and we finish it on time.

Besides that, I rate for my performance in this project and also in this group is only five out of ten. For this rate I can improve myself more in the soft skill and handle problem in future assignment. This is the first time that I am watching to the video and follow the step to finish the tutorial. It is new gain to me. It is totally different compare to other courses. I can say that, when I don’t understand it then I can re-watch the video one more even that I am not in the classroom. It is because the video tutorial is in the Black Board. Through that, I can watch the video for unlimited times.

Actually that I prefer that is face to face learning. Maybe lecturer can explain more details to students. Students can ask more questions and they get the correct answer from lecturer. On the other side of hands, face to face learning is only can in class time but, the video tutorial can do it anytime.

As a group project, the main point we need to work as a team. We need to help each other to solve the problem they faced. We need to share the idea we got. Teamwork is very important to a group. Teamwork can bring the group to success. If you’re the one who is not co-operate with your other team members then you will get in trouble and you cannot achieve the objective of the project. The most worst will make the project out of track. It is all about my reflection about this project.

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