Progression Report 3


This poster will be put at the long table at cafeteria. The size for this poster, the height is 25cm and for the width is 100cm. People able to read the whole content of the poster when they wait for the food or while eating. I put 6 points for the contents for this poster. 3 points tell what happen to our environment around the worlds and 3 points for the steps that can take to preserve our environment. I put 3R world in the middle of triangle shape and the meaning of 3R which are reduce,reuse and recycle to express that with this 3 method, we can change something for our environment. I put 3R logo at the both top side of the poster so that people able to understand this poster is about our environment. I use very soft cyan colour for the background so that people able to red the words of the content without facing any problem. I use different colour for the main point for each words so people able to get the meaning of the words.


This is simple design for a toilet poster that will put around men toilet in Inti. This poster is about water and how important the water is for our daily life. This poster size is for the height is 50cm and the width is 76cm.I set the background colour to soft blue so that people able to see the content and use different colour for each point so that other people able to understand the meaning for each point. I use a drop of water to illustrate the whole water that we use and tree and  human picture so show that we also need water for our daily life.


This is another design for table top that will be put at the cafeteria. These posters show the change from normal earth to the sick earth because of our daily activity without taking care our own environment. I put a recycle logo so that people able to understand the concept of the poster and I use green colour as a background to make a nature look to the poster. I use blue colour for the second words so other people able to see the point clearly. The size for this poster is for the height is 45cm and the width is 63cm. Lastly I put Recycle Now with a bigger font size and make it bold and red in colour to capture people attention to take action on taking care our environment now.

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