Progress Report 3

In this third progress report, I’ll be describing how I made my 2 minutes animation clip.  The idea is to picture a destroyed, polluted and unhealthy Earth in the future, where the air is unbreathable, trees are nearly extinct and so are the fauna and flora. The main character which is inspired by the South Park animation series, is drawn and coloured using Adobe Illustrator.



The image was then imported to Adobe Flash. The drawing tools available in Illustrator enable more detailed and smooth drawing.








In the first scene, the main character is first seen wearing a mask, showing that the air is unbreathable.



A message is then displayed depicting the futuristic Earth shown in this scene and It is conveyed that this was all due to the actions of the past generations, which is in fact us, at present. The scene then changed to scenes showing how simple steps could have prevented that situation. Fading text was used to the extra effect.



In the second scene, the main character is initially walking along the street and finds some trash on the pavement. The character then proceeds to collect and throw the trash into the trash can. This was achieved using path animation and classic motion tween.



In the second scene, the main character is situated in the forest. The character is shown watering a plant which later grows into a tree. This was achieved using the classic tween again and the free-transform tool, with which the tree was zoomed in the final animation key-frame.




In the third scene, the character is found in a classroom and go along a path to switch off the lights. A message is then displayed, telling the viewers to save energy, specially when not actually using it. A grey background with an opacity of 40% was used to achieve the dark room effect.



In the final scene, a green and clean Earth is depicted. A final message is then displayed, with the intent of thanking the viewers for their attention.



Lastly, a play and pause button were added, and an action script was used to code the buttons.



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