Reflective Report

Kavish Punchoo


Throughout the group project, I have learnt a lot about graphic design and animation. One of the most important thing I’ve learnt is that software and editing skills are useless if there is no creativity to put those skills into efficient use. I also found through the design of the artworks that the key to a good graphic design is simplicity. Fancy and graphics over-loaded artworks poorly conveys the message to the viewers. Efficient and simple graphics elements are key to optimal communication.

Various complications were encountered during the group project. The biggest constraint was time. Personally, I believe that the design process of the artworks and animations could have started a long time ago, however our team failed to so. Another constraint is communication between our team members. We had some issues distributing the workload such as it would be fair to everyone. Despite all the complications, we still achieved our goal, which is to finish the artworks and animations.

I firmly believe that this group project significantly improved my knowledge and skills of image editing and animation making. Initially, I was intimidated by the idea of creating animations and believed that the task would be very hard. I am now quite comfortable with animation making using Adobe Flash. I believe the only hard part of animation making is that it is very time consuming as you would always want to create a near-perfect animation.

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