Proggresion report 2


The recycle bin initial is empty.


The below of the sentence represent of the blue is paper, green is glass, yellow is metal and red is the trash. Blue is paper because it can be write and smooth. Green is about glass because it can break it when drop to the ground and fragile. Yellow is metal because only metal will be rusty and hard no easily to break it. The last 1 is trash because it collects everything. The recycle logo for trash is about to remind people. Think it before throw the trash, are they in this 3 categories?



I don’t put the word for that 4 name recycle bin is for the person who want throw it just see for the sentence before they throw it. After that, I just put the reuse, reduce, recycle and trash it.



First, print out the logo that we design and make it 6 logo for each paper. Cut down all the empty part and make it fair to fold.


After that, fold the paper and glue or staple it.


Then, glue the stick and with the logo together and complete the flag.

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