Animation clip

In this progress, I using Adobe Flash CS5 to create animation clips, my inspiration for animation clips is in the design of the poster, and then I try to use the poster design placed in the animation clips.

First I open Adobe flash CS5 and start design my animation clips, I use poster earth picture insert to animation layer and I add some home and industry icon picture put in top of earth.
Second I add some circle that meaning the home and industry using energy, circle is represented energy. Also I find galaxy picture to add in my animation clips background.
In third part, I using poster bulb picture and add in my animation layer, then I create circle using Classic Tween start at home and industry go to bulb. That means home and industry using energy then past by bulb. Also I create ice cream cone in earth below going up using Classic Tween.
In fourth part are more circles going in to the bulb, and then the bulb brighter, it will affect the earth melted like ice cream. I add some word “Save energy” and “Save earth”, mean less using energy or don’t waste energy. Also I add two “Stop” and “Play” button, that can easy to control this animation clips.


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