Progressive report 1 – Tan Xiu Zu



Button-BadgerComplete 1


Top of the Button is the Complete version.



First, i create a circle for the button and insert the slogan that I need it.


I put the mascot inside and face the slogan mean support the thing. Same it goes for the effect also. The total of the layer I create is 5.




Then, I recover the back of the button and make it. Do some of the modify.



I use this 4 as the background sticker for the men’s urinal sticker post on the. This 4 part of the sticker will be post in separately for each of the urinal.


Then, I insert the word inside each of the sticker.


This is the complete of the sticker that I create it. Brightness, Contrast, color balance, color lookup, and Vibrance is the minor part I do it as the change of the color. Add all the picture that I doing it.





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