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After I done this assignment, I find out the color concept for designer is very challenge.  The things have needed to study the main 3 concept which is hue, value and saturation. Hue also divides to 2 part such as addictive and subtractive. Additive part the main color of color mixture which is blue, red and green. In order to produce your original work, designer need to mixture with the color to become special and your own creation of artwork. Subtractive part of the color such as yellow, magenta and cyan. This 3 of the color actually no mixture of the RGB because it is reflective color by the person who see the reflection of pigment by their eyes. Value is like the adjustment for color percentage in order to produce the color such as blue, cyan, dark blue and others features relate. Saturation is also like adjustment of color such as lower saturation the color will become more darkness. Eventually the percentage of color become 0% and the color will be present is only black. After I done study of the hue, value and saturation I try to do the color mixture by my own to get the visual that maybe comfortable for reading and attractive. I find out it also hard to do it because the range of the distance also needs to be considered. For example, sharp color only for attractive the person to find out what is going on such as poster, advertisement and others large picture. The light color usually for the person who interested for reading the information such as brochure. It also need to care about some color for the person who can read the information or not. After that, try to avoid the design to block the test that you insert. Information is compulsory can read and does not distract by the color designer that use it. Some of the prototype that I use for color mixture in the end up I cannot even read the information I type inside. Get to know your target or audience that u showing information. It also got some spot to provide that let the audience rest a while during the reading information picture that picture that insert inside. I ask my friend as an audience to see after I done my poster. After I done, the poster I find out the simple color that I use it for design is better that I color too much and make it too mess. I done this assignment and learn that anything does not come easy. A sub topic I choose in assignment 1 can be so challenge to learn it and I swear I will be master it for the further or assignment 2 to use it. My next assignment mainly of the color is green and cyan of the environment.  I will sharpen up my skill mainly part of the saturation and value. These are the 2 parts I find out is difficult that adjust it. Slightly adjustment can cause the original color gone but is ok it can be undo.

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  1. ftleow says:

    1. Should further arrange the content and layout in the infographic
    2.Good try but the personal reflection should focus on the new knowledge you gaine
    3.misunderstanding – wrong content

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