progress report 3



This was my progress of bottle design. First, I have using the custom shape to show draw a rectangle but the angle is blunt. And I make the bottle color into yellow. I using this shape to be the bottle body.




After that, I create a rectangle shape to be the cover of the bottle.



Then, I was copy the same thing to the left hand side.


I also have copy to the right hand size this is because the bottle is a cylinder. So, I need to make the bottle 3 interface to show the difference side to see the bottle.

bottle- 4



Then, the bottle main face I using the logo of our team and the taglines and mascot to be the image on the bottle.



After that, I using the custom shape tool to make a water shape and I put some information under the shape is talk about the information of the water.



Last the other side of the bottle i have using a shape of recycle and make the information about how to saving the water .

bottle end-1

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