Personal Reflection

To be honest, i feel super stressed taking up this group project. When it came to my individual assignment, i felt fine because i had enough training from the lab lessons. We started off this course we had more lessons associated with Photoshop rather than Flash. So it was indeed a gruesome task to complete a 2 minute long animation. When we were split into groups, my first assignment didn’t actually needed the others. Interaction was actually fine because we all already know each other for the previous two semesters.

However when it came to the group assignment, we had troubles working as a group. First of all, we all have our own working styles. So when we split tasks within a time frame, we all had issues coming up with the final product within it. We all had to tolerate each other’s working style and come up with a timeline plan satisfied everyone based on all other assignments we had as well. We also faced problems splitting the tasks among us. We weren’t exactly sure how to divide the tasks equally since we were instructed by our lecturer to make sure each member contributes equally. We decided to just pick the designs in a first come first serve basis since we didn’t plan exactly on when the designs were suppose to be continued. However we did make sure that 3 of us gets 2 designs each and the 3rd person does designs for the mascot and logo.

We all had to contribute equally since our lecturer smartly assigned the individual assignment in a way that the knowledge each of us gathers will be helpful when it comes to working on group assignment. My topic was related to tips on visual strategy. So i had to work on not only my designs but also help my teammates so that the visuals are appealing in promoting the 3R concept. I’m rather satisfied in my contribution as well as in the amount of knowledge i’ve gained when they contribute their half for my designs. I prefer this environment compared to the standard classroom ones because it is more interesting and less boring. We have more hands on in the softwares in order to get more familiarized with it. There’s a lot of assignments that are more on-the-spot rather than take home so we are able to kill class time with group activities as well as learn. Our lecturer also takes extensive notes from chapters and turns it into activities to be posted on the blackboard to help in our comprehension on the topics.

I would certainly prefer this type of learning. We have come to a point that even ads on youtube are focused on the first few seconds due to our short attention span. The only way to secure students’ attention is by having more hands on or activity based to that we are unable to let our attentions skew in other directions. I find it important to collaborate with others when it comes to completing tasks or projects. This is because one of the most sought after value by employers are the ability for their workers to be able to work in a group. What other way to comprehend this skill rather then starting off at ones alma mater. To be able to work with people with other point of views; tolerating them is indeed a hard task.

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