D.Danesh : Progress Report 4

Animation Design


For the animation, I will create a simple flash animation that depicts a fictional world that are populated with “hoomans”. The character Sapling will narrate the simple life of the population with an interesting end to the “hooman” species. The animation is meant to be light and humorous without forcing the message “Reuse, Reduce and Recycle” on the viewer.


The character mascot is imported into the flash project.



The character is placed at the center of the scene on a green background.



A black box is drawn on a new layer above the character and background.



A few frames after that the box is split into four triangles.



I used Shape tweening and moved the triangles as seen below. I used several shape hints to ensure that the triangles move the way I want.



I then added a flashy background and some sound effects to the final frames. In the last frame I added a play button and added a stop script on the script layer.



In the following scenes, all the objects and animations are made in black and white. This is to give the viewer a feel of looking at an old film or documentary. The dark monochromatic scheme is also meant to emphasize the polluted environment in the animation.

In the next scene, Sapling introduces the viewer to the fictional world.



A character moves into stage using motion tweening.



Here I imported a static background of buildings from a free resource website. I created a moving foreground of buildings using motion tweening



The factory background is imported from a free resource website. The drain wall, pipes and water is drawn using shape tools. The debris on the water is drawn using square shapes. The top of the square shapes is then reshaped using the eraser tool.



Here a truck is imported from a free resource website. I edited the image into several symbols. The garbage being dumped is then animated using motion tweening.



Here the dump-trucks are set on the scene and a stationary building image is set on the background.



A short text.



The final scene….



Here is a script I used to animate the text.



The credits section. Here I mention the resources that helped me to complete my animation.


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