Personal Reflection

Firstly, I have to thank my lecturer who gave me full support for me and my group when doing this assignment. Moreover, I also have to thank my group members which are Kim Lun and Lo Hao Zhe who help me through this assignment.
I feel like happy and little bit stress when doing this assignment because need to work in more time in animation and design part. When it’s come to interaction among the group members its enjoyable and fun with my group members. We don’t have time to meet each other so discussed about the assignment in faceook. We have a private group in facebook so we discussed everything in group private group.
The problem that we faced during the project was lack communication. It is because I’m always travelling from college to home. So we don’t have time to discussed further information about our project. Besides, we also discussed on weekends when our free time. In addition, I would rate my performance in this project was better because I finish all my part that based on this project. Some more, my group members are who always stand beside me and teach me.
In my opinion, learning environment is a lot different when comes to classroom learning environment. Learning environment is enjoyable and relaxed to me because helps me to understand more about the subject. No tensions or stress among the students when learning environment. Students can able to clear all their problems about the subjects.
Of course I would prefer this kind of learning style because it’s helpful to me more and can learn by our own. When it comes to collaboration among group members, it’s very important to all. Without collaboration we cannot do it my own. We have to collaboration each other to complete our task.

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