Progression Report 2

progress 2.1


progress 2.2

progress 2.3

In the previous progression report, I did mention that there will be an animation of our mascot as our video’s opening. These are some screenshots of the progress of animations that I had done. It really took me a lot of time to figure out how to draw every frame by using onion skin. I also added camera shake effect to attract the audience more.

earth 1  earth2 earth 3

These 3 screenshots show that the process of the Earth picture on the t-shirt. I used spherize function to make the Earth texture fix to the circle that I had created. Then, I adjusted the mode to overlay and used brush tool with 500 size to create the light area to the Earth. Then, I also used brush tool of 200 size to create a small light spot on the light area of the Earth.


front view tshirt


Then, I attached the Earth that I had done to the blank black T-shirt and use brush tool to paint the background to make the feel of presence of stars. Then I created shapes of recycle logo and some texts. At last, the front side of the T-shirt is done.








dead earth


At the back side of the T-shirt, I use the same way as the living Earth to set the dead Earth texture to the circle by using spherize. I used adjusted brush tool to draw the “dots” at the background to make the feel of smokes that caused by the radioactive signs in the dead Earth. I also added text with red color to emphasize the effect if we are not implementing 3R concept.

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