Progress Report 2

In this regard I will like to present to you my design based on saving the earth as I was asked by my group members. This is a design based on the checklist to check to be able to save the earth.

Below are screen shots of the work done in height of creating a relevant design:

I started of with downloading a background online.







Then using the theĀ  layer blending preset I incorporated and blended the background made this out of it giving it a fine and good finish


Then again I downloaded the earth online.



Using the custom tool I put up the boxes to give space in future to be able to tick my priorities on how to save the earth.








Then again after ticking my boxes I proceeded to using the horizontal type tool to write down the priorities on how to save the earth.








Then lastly I gave it a good finish by the header making it shine so it will attract readersā€¦its called alens flare also got it from the internet then again using the layer blending preset to incooporate it In the background.



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