Progressive Report 2

Well, i was stuck on my first poster, so i decided to play around with the other idea i had to see if i can use it for my first poster.

For this poster, i started by making a circle and then Googled a grass texture to overlay to circle making many layers of the recycle image available inside photoshop. While i was working on it, the words came to me “unlock the green inside you” so i added it to the design and because of the word unlock i added the key which is going inside the green circle. Well little by little I finished it and the same time got ¬†myself an idea for my first poster.

poster number2

To make it a Z- layout i made the special border for the top part that will cause readers to read left-right-mid-bottom left to right.


But to be honest i prefer the one which the idea came out of nowhere.



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