Progression Report 2


This is design poster design for back door toilet that will be place inside men toilet. People will able to see it while finish their business. The size for this poster for height is 50cm and the width is 25cm. I use 4 type of colour for the world for to attract people to read the poster. I use red colour for the words Did You Know to invoke other people feeling or thinking when they see the poster and i use a suitable picture to tell the meaning for this poster. I put a little bit of information that are related to the environment so that other people able to know how much effort is needed to make something that we take it for granted.


One of the design for pillar poster that will be put at cafeteria where all the student walk pass by everyday. The size for this poster is the same with backdoor toilet poster. I use green colour as the background to give a natural look to the poster. I use blue colour for the title of the artwork so that people able to catch the word when they see the poster and able to understand what the words all about. I use red colour for the words We Can Make The Change For Better Future is to shown this is the only way for us to take care our environment and other people able to see red colour words and understand the weight of the words.

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