Progress Report 2 [Animation]

In this report i will write how i did my animation, my animation is about reduce the global warming, so first i started to drawing an object by using brush tool, because i think brush tool is the easiest among all drawing tools in adobe flash, and I showed the grid to help me for a better drawing.


before i started drawing object, it would be better if we do a sketch first, we can still choose brush tool to sketch but with the smallest size of the brush tools. After done the sketching part then only we can proceed to draw and with the help of sketching our work will done better, faster, and perfect as we wanted.


as you can see the photo above, that is when i was done with the sketching part and the next, i proceed to draw the houses by using brush tool again but this time i choose what size as i want it.


the photo above is when i have done with the drawing part, and the next step i will add color and some shadow effect.


done with the colouring part and i will do the shadow effect part.


first i copy and paste the house layer, then i lock the original house layer and i choose the copied house layer then i used pencil tool with red color to make the part which i am going to make the shadow part. the photo above is when i have done to put the line.


after you have put the line, i selected paint bucket tool and i put the black color into the part which i have made with the pencil and then I right click on anywhere except out of the stage, and choose select all and then i put the opactiy to 30% and the picture above is the result.


after that i proceed to the animation part and i added background, text, and smoke into it. same goes to my another animation object (Car, Ship, Plane):




that is my second progress report.


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