Progression report 2

Progression report 2 – YAP CHIN KIAT


Design on aluminum can.

For my second design, i choose to do my design that can be applied at the outside of an aluminum can. The design can be applied to all the can drinks that is available in INTI so that when the student drink it, they will notice about the design on the aluminum can and do the recycle. In this design, i use some simple color on it. The aluminium can is in light grey, and the words are in green and black.

1. I started my design by creating a design layout for my aluminium can drink. I plan to make my design simple and meaningful so that the student that using can easily get the meaning that i trying to show to them.



Besides, i made the measuring step during my layout design.


2. I created all my design by using only the Adobe photoshop.




In this step, i create a new file with the size of 1000*562 pixel so that my design can fit in to this clipboard. After that, i drawn out two rectangular to show the normal layout (left)and also the flatten layout (right) of an aluminum can and also show the exact measurement of my aluminum can. The color i choose for my aluminum can is grey color so that it will be easy for student to look at the content on it.


3. Adding in the title and also other sentences.


This is to make student or user understand what is the design all about. During this design, i purposely create some differences in the size and value of texts to show the user about the hierarchy in importance of the text. For example, i bold and make the sentence ” I want to be a bike” larger so that user will firstly look at the sentence before anything else.


4. Adding in the main image and some small logo


In this step, I added in an image of a bicycle as the other important point that can attract the user when using the can. If you notice, there is a small aluminum can placed at the right bottom of the bicycle. I added in this to compare the size of the bicycle and the aluminum can to let user know that, small things can be useful too. This will encourage them to recycle.


5. Finalizing aluminum can design





In my last step of design, i made some modification on the layout of my elements in the design and also add in some other information that usually contain in a can drink. At the bottom of my nutrition fact column, i also added in the volume to make my design looks more real.





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